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High quality abrasives

I love to build and create things, I enjoy building almost anything, it does not matter whether it is bigger items such as a bookshelf or smaller items like a picture frame. I find it really relaxing to work with my hands and to put all my focus on the thing I am creating. I have gotten pretty good at it so lately I have even gotten a few requests from people I know to build things for them. Since this started to happen more and more I have found that it is even more important to use materials and tools of high quality. I am a bit of a perfectionist and I could never sell something I was not completely happy and satisfied with. I have started to invest in both better materials and tools, the only thing I have had a problem finding is high quality abrasives. The ones I have tried earlier were not rough enough and did not last me very long. After some research I found a company that has over 90 years of experience in the business. It seems like their abrasives are of high quality so I ordered a couple of different abrasives to try them out. I have high hopes for them and I really look forward to try out all of the different abrasives when they come.